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For my father

North Woods The walls of this fishing camp are filled with dust and so damp spots of wood rot, and smell of mold. It’s raining; the whiskey is almost gone; we sit and talk, and listen… The wind in these north woods divides our souls between what we wanted — ambrosia like dew, the fairy […]

Death By Regulars

Some thoughts on longevity for independent restaurants: Everyone knows how hard longevity is in the restaurant industry; most of us understand that the statistical average life of a restaurant is unnaturally short due to the number of restaurants that fold in their first few years.  The ones that make it past four or five years […]

Falling In Love With Your Own Ideas

The worst thing you can do in business is to fall in love with your own ideas.  This is an issue for all of us who are self-employed, but it’s especially common in the restaurant business.  It has happened to me more than once.  Often it has led me down a road of narrowing options.  […]