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My Best Post

I made a tweet awhile back that said “anything that claims to be the best, isn’t,” to which a friend immediately replied “you’re the best”. I’m not much for cooking shows or magazines, but I try to stay abreast of the foodie media. A couple of years ago, I thought I’d like to subscribe to […]

Ray and Hell’s Kitchen

During my first year of college I worked at a corporate steak and seafood restaurant at the Maine Mall.  It was a dead end job, but they had a great Christmas party.   For summer I hit up a brother of a friend from my home town, Lynn Pressey, who was and still is the Executive […]

Randi Randy

When I left Al the Greek I got a job at a really well known place.  It was called The Silent Woman and its sign had a medieval looking pub scene which prominently featured a kind of busty waitress with no head serving some jolly men — I always thought it a Henry VIII reference.  […]

Al The Greek Chef

Al was a Greek chef.  I worked for him a couple of years after Dave, but still early in my career.  After the music camp, I had worked at a couple of family style restaurants.  One was a pancake house.  They had a great breakfast; three of us could slam out 1000 meals on any […]


Dave was as crazy as a shit-house rat!  He was a blast to work with because he worked his tail off and had a good time.  I worked for him at a high end summer music camp where we fed 300 snobby NY & NJ teenage overachievers 2 meals a day.  I’d had two previous […]