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Why do I bother? The body of this blog is more about the restaurant business and culinary culture than it is about specific food.   As a thirty-year veteran of the restaurant and hospitality business, I am mostly interested in capturing observations in a truthful and embellished way about the institutions, the people (cooks, servers, guests & owners) and the culture that makes restaurants fun and fascinating places.

I’ve included parts for food and beverage observations and discussions should it be useful, but I am primarily interested in writing about the dynamics of eating, drinking, cooking and dining, and how our essential quest for food reflects our values and the quality of our lives.

Fiction mixes with fact here and names have been changed (sometimes) to protect the innocent.

Bio: GenX Restaurateur, Cook, Chef, Optimistic Cynic living in Maine.  My name is Michael Quigg, I am the president and principal owner of a restaurant, catering, and foods company which I incorporated in 1996. I have built and operated several restaurants in several Maine cities and am currently working as the chef owner at my original restaurant in Bath, Maine.  I’ve worked in more restaurants than I can remember, a handful of inns and hotels, and a couple of schools for the arts.  Somewhere along the line I picked up a BA in English, but hard work and the restaurant business are mostly to thank for my good fortune.  Like most Mainers,  I try not to take much for granted.  I am married with 2 kids, grew up in Maine,  hunting, fishing, foraging & cooking.   I have traveled and eaten in many parts of the world, but not enough, and have lived and worked in the Pacific NW as well as New England.

Disclaimer: My blog is not intended to promote my restaurants and I don’t use my restaurants to promote my blog;  however, the two aspects of my life can’t entirely be separated, nor do I wish to hide my direct experience from this endeavor.   If you are a friend or a guest of my business and want to have communication about my specific businesses or products, please friend us on Facebook or Twitter for those conversations.


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